Security operations as a concierge service platform, monitoring both on-prem and cloud environments to detect and respond to cyber threats

5G network deployment, automation, and management software platform. Acquired by Qualcomm in 2022

Automated code review solution that helps identify quality, security, and compliance issues through static code analysis

Leading Cyber Threat Intelligence platform that allows customers to focus their resources on preventing and discovering attacks

  • Cloud Native Workload Protection solution that protects modern applications from complex multistage and multi-vector attacks in real-time

Pure-player providing managed security services in Luxembourg and Belgium. Part of Maxive Group together with S21sec. Acquisition agreement with Thales in 2022

World’s most advanced end-to-end protection solution against fraud and financial crime, using ML to detect anomalies and fraud cases

Remote access and security platform, enabling secure access to critical enterprise resources. Acquired by Barracuda Networks in 2020

Awarded risk-based vulnerability management cockpit to manage all security assessment practices and create risk-driven remediation plans

Industry’s leading threat modeling solution in application security, empowering security and development teams